Emergency Meeting Rodeo City RPC




Ron asked me to notify the Rodeo City RPC membership that there will be a meeting tomorrow night after we get the trailer loaded and the birds on their way. I am notifying every one by the email list I got off of one of Jimmy Golden emails.  I hope I copied them correctly and everyone gets notified.  If you don't mind remind those you come in contact with about the meeting.

Warm Regards,

Dale Magee
vice president RCRPC

There will be a Emergency meeting of the club Friday night after the trailer leaves about 8:30.
We will serve pizza and have some drinks available for the members.

The agenda is as follows:

     - Elect officers for the 2015 year.  They will be installed at the January 2015 meeting.

     - We will have a discussion on incorporating the club.  We will seek permission to start the process.
          (This will allow us to get a checking account using a state charter verses some one's
           Social Security Number)
     - We will review the proposed changes to what we think are the current by laws.

     - we have three proposals to vote on.  They are attached an there will be extra   
        copies at the meeting.
               Proposal 1 concerns a new website that Joe Bartolowits developed.

               Proposal 2 would allow those that wish to do to live clocking to do so.  NO ONE WILL BE     
               PROPOSAL  3 will authorize an expenditure of approximately $250.00 for the Double Barrel     
               Race to conduct live clocking.
               See the proposals for details of the discussion

Ron Caram




Proposal One By Dale Magee


That we accept and post Joe Bartolowits’ new and improved website (http://rodeocity.wix.com/rcrpc)


and abandon and remove the old one from the internet.


It’s free and easy to update.  A club member with password authority can update it.


We have a volunteer in the club who is willing to maintain it.


It has links to other helpful sites like a good weather site and live clocking.


It has other tabs such as Home News, Gallery, Sport, Contact, Club lofts, Race Day, Info


Go to the website, check it out and be ready to vote at a soon to be announced November meeting.



Proposal Two by Dale Magee

That we allow those who wish to use live clocking through www.wincompanion.com be allowed to do so

and be able to identify it on the website through an icon associated with Rodeo City RPC.  In addition to

that this proposal will  authorize those who do not wish to set up at their home with live clocking to be

allowed to go to the nearest live clocking member’s house and down load their race results through the

on line member’s data logger.  This service will be at no cost to either member except for the personal

expense the online member incurs for the cables necessary to get the service set up on his or her home




This will allow the race secretary to work from the location of his or her choice while carrying

out the official duties of race secretary.

Members who are using the service will not be required to go to a clocking location since their

data will be available to the race secretary on line.

Members who choose not to go on line will only be required to go to the nearest online data

logger and have that individual up load the off line members data to the official website.

Benefits to the offline member are that he or she can still go to the official website and observe

live clocking activity of the online members if they have a computer and internet connection

with the www.wincompanion.com website up.  That member will be able to see the speeds of

the clocked birds and see where their clocked bird will fit into the race results.  But it will not

show up on the race results until their module is down loaded at the participating member data


This wincompanion service is free to individual members and clubs for normal club races.

Wincompanion.com does charge for one loft futurity races depending on how many birds are in

the race.

Another obvious pro is that this will free up significant time the members would have spent

waiting for their module to download and calculate race results the afternoon after the race.  I

am sure families would appreciate more time for other activities.

I would encourage members to discuss this with members who have actually used this live

clocking and get your question answered and be ready to discus and vote at a meeting TBA in




Proposal Three by Dale Magee

That the Club membership authorizes an expenditure of approximately $250.00 for Live Clocking

through www.wincompanion.com .  This will allow the Breeders and other interested parties who are

not present at the loft to watch Live Clocking of the race from any on line device when connected to the  

Wincompanion.com website through the internet.



This will allow Tina, Kevin and Hilmar to post training and inventory to the club website through

a link to Wincompanion.com with almost no effort.

It will eliminate the need to print training events,  scan the results and send a group mailing to

all the breeders.  All that would be required is to send the breeders an email with the link to the

Wincompanion.com website.  There they will see if their bird is still in the inventory and how it

clocked on the various training tosses and the races.  

Even the folks that turn out for the race at the loft will benefit from this system.  They will not

only have the benefit of seeing the birds come in live but you can see the band numbers of the

clocked birds as they come in by watching a computer screen from the observation area.


On the Wincompanion.com website there are various icons with the one loft races.  You just

click on the one for Double Barrel and see the results.  


This will give us a professional and well managed appearance and give us creditability for any


This seems to be the wave of the future and it would be good for the Breeders, Club and the

Handlers who are involved in putting all of the hard effort to make this event a success.


I do not see a down side to this Live Clocking.


I realize we are not making much, if any profit, on this race due to the low number of entries.  

But it will give us a great chance to put this to a test and see if it is something we would want to

do on a larger scale for future possible events.


Please get with some of the folks that have used this system and get your questions answered

and be ready to discuss it and vote at the upcoming November meeting.