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Jimmy Golden


Hi Rodeo City Members

I thought it may be a possibly to pick up a few entries for the Double Barrel by making birds avaiable for people to purchase and fly these birds in the race even though they may not have pigeons.  It would cost the buyer $280 to put it in the race thus we need good quality birds.   This would be an opertunity to see how your bloodline would fly in the One Loft Race.  Also, the club may earn a little revenue.

I have discussed this idea with some of the members but if you have a problem with it let me know.  Other wise, you can send me the bird information.

Published: 28 January 2012 10:39 PM

Like racehorses bolting out of the starting gate, they rush out of Louie Cargiulo’s loft in Cedar Hill in a flurry of flapping wings — maybe 30 pigeons in all, circling his yard once or twice before soaring high into the sky.

They pass in front of a cellular phone tower, cast tiny shadows against the sun and then fly out of sight on this unseasonably warm January afternoon.

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